Renegade Diet Book – A Detailed Review

Who Is Jason Ferruggia?Jason-Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia, the author of The Renegade Diet, has been involved in the fitness industry as a consultant and trainer for over 20 years. He’s lent his expertise to a variety of clients of all shapes and sizes in order to help them build a body they could enjoy. Jason is the author of a column called “The Hard-Gainer,” where he shares his body shaping expertise.

For the duration of his involvement in physical fitness, Jason has aggressively questioned the ‘facts’ that are handed down by other trainers. Through rigorous experimentation and research, he’s managed to debunk a number of these so-called ‘facts.’ Because of this, Jason’s methods (including The Renegade Diet) feature unique, innovative techniques that aren’t available anywhere else.

What Is Renegade Diet Book

The Renegade Diet is an e-book that outlines a flexible program that you can use to transform your body into your ideal shape. Perfect for building muscle mass while losing fat, the Renegade Diet takes advantage of Jason’s research into digestion, muscle gains and fasting to build a program that’s easy to stick to and good for your health. Included in the book are the details about all of Jason’s techniques as well as a set of exercises and lifestyle changes that you can use to maximize your gains.

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The Renegade Diet is based around the idea of changing when you eat rather than what and how much. In order to allow your liver to rest, dieters skip breakfast until around 2 in the afternoon. Because of this long period of fasting, your body is forced to burn fat reserves for energy and is pushed into a ‘fight or flight’ mode, increasing alertness.

In the afternoon, Jason recommends a few small meals consisting mostly of veggies and protein. These healthy, easy to digest meals get your intestines warmed up and ready to get the most out of the big dinner that’s coming up without taking in a lot of calories. While there are a number of suggestions, The Renegade Diet doesn’t require you to eat or not eat any particular food — it’s up to you to decide exactly what you want to eat during the periods where you’re not fasting.

After the fast has been broken in the afternoon, there’s a 4 hour period where you can eat as much as you want. Jason again makes some specific recommendations — lots of protein, sweet potatoes, and digestive enzymes are highly recommended, but overall any choice of healthy food will work. This makes the Renegade Diet very flexible and handy for situations where you’re eating socially.

The overeating phase extends for four hours, during which you can eat as much as you’d like. The fasting period afterwards ensures that your body will digest and burn all of the calories you’ve used, while the healthy food choices you were able to make provide you energy, digestive health and muscle mass.


The Renegade Diet is very healthy and can easily be adapted to your specific needs. It works with any schedule and it’s very convenient to be able to have dinner with friends and family and not watch what you eat. Because of the fasting stage’s effect on your sympathetic nervous system, you’ll find that you can be more alert and active during the day.

Many Renegade dieters have reported that the diet has eliminated any gas and indigestion they were experiencing and improved their sleep. Not only do the liver and digestive health benefits the fasting promotes help to calm down your body’s digestive tract and serve as a natural sleep aid, the diet is flexible and worry free, eliminating late night jitters or guilt that can come with counting calories. The Renegade Diet lets you eat what you want and stay happy.


The Renegade Diet requires that you follow a regimen of rules about when you eat. While this schedule can be adapted to your lifestyle, depending on your work hours it can be difficult to begin. Like any diet, it also requires that you have the willpower to follow through and stick with it. It’s also terrible for pure gains — if you’re content with your body fat and you just want to gain muscle, the way your body processes food on the Renegade Diet will actually make it difficult for you to eat enough to put weight on.


The Renegade Diet is an excellent program that promotes personal health through lifestyle changes rather than specific food restrictions. It’s a great system for a variety of people and allows you to go out and eat socially and eat carbs while sticking to your diet. Jason’s long term health-first approach is refreshing in a sea of instant gratification diets that not only don’t work, they leave you worse off than when you started.

The Renegade Diet is a digital eBook available for instant download.You can read it on your computer or your favorite e-reader like Kindle.